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Taking the Phlebotomy Practice Test is a stress-free (and free) way to find your strengths and weaknesses on the Phlebotomy Final Exam.

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Test your phlebotomy skills by taking two versions of the phlebotomy practice test. Kick off your phlebotomy¬†prep with a free phlebotomy practice test/exam online. After the test, we’ll give you a¬†pass or fail score. You can take the phlebotomy practice test as many times as needed. All the questions are generated from a pool of questions. The phlebotomy practice test’s are different every time.

Your phlebotomy practice test will give you a general perspective on how you will score on your final phlebotomy test.¬†This free phlebotomy practice test¬† will give you a sense of how you’d score on the actual phlebotomy test.

Our phlebotomy practice test is designed to mimic the actual phlebotomy final exam, so you can become familiar with the mechanics of the test and the type of questions you will see. All subjects are included in the test, but because of the limitations on the number of questions that can be asked, practice tests are NOT content comprehensive.

The phlebotomy practice test are¬†designed to assess your strengths and weaknesses in all phlebotomy realted¬†subjects.¬† This free package includes one free phlebotomy practice exam¬†in each subject. Each individual phlebotomy practice test¬†contains enough questions to test your phlebotomy content knowledge or your ability to work with different question types. ¬†The phlebotomy practice test’s are designed to work with any phlebotomy certificaiton agency not just NPCE.

NPCE is the only phlebotomy certificaiton company to offer individual phlebotomy practice test for all phlebotomy subjects. We want to help you understand your strengths and weaknesses so that you can focus your prep on the areas where you need the most improvement.


Giving the opportunity for medical professionals  / phlebotomist  to take a practice or mock version of an exam before they take the real thing has huge benefits for all stakeholders. Here are 10 reasons why including phlebotomy practice tests within your phlebotomy exam program will improve it.



  1. Most importantly, phlebotomy practice tests tell phlebotomy candidates which topics they have not mastered and encourage them to focus future learning on weak areas.
  2. Almost as important, phlebotomy practice tests tell candidates which topics they have already mastered. They can then direct their phlebotomy learning to other areas and spend minimal further time on the topics they already know.
  3. Phlebotomy Practice tests can also feed back to the instructional team the strengths and weaknesses of each phlebotomy candidate and for the phlebotomy candidate group. It can tell which phlebotomy topics have been successfully learned and which areas need more work.
  4. It’s well understood in psychology that you are more likely to retain something if you learn it spaced (separated) over time. Since phlebotomy practice tests stimulate revision and studying, they encourage earlier learning and so space out learning, which is likely to improve retention.
  5. The accuracy and fairness of exams can be impacted by some phlebotomy candidate’s fear or anxiety around the exam process. Practice tests can reduce test anxiety.
  6. Accuracy and fairness can also be impacted by problems with familiarization or incompatibilities with the computers and software used for the testing. If the same equipment and software can be used in practice, this greatly reduces the chance of problems.
  7. Taking a phlebotomy test doesn’t just measure how much you know, it helps reinforce the phlebotomy learning and make it more likely that you can retrieve the same information later. It’s a surprising fact that taking a phlebotomy test can actually be more beneficial to learning than spending the same amount of time studying.
  8. Giving formative or practice tests seems to improve learning as well as final phlebotomy exam results
  9. Such tests are consistent with good practice and with assessment standards
  10. It is crucial that phlebotomy exams  are fair and that they are seen to be fair. By providing phlebotomy practice tests, you remove the mystique from your phlebotomy exams and allow people to see the question styles, to practice the time planning required and to have a fair view of what the exam consists of. It helps level the playing field and promotes the concept of a fair exam, open to and equal for all.

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